Patriki RE

Best Project of Residential or Multifunctional Estate

About the project
A state-of-the-art residential estate with 2,197 apartments is carefully integrated into the existing urban landscape, which is ensured by the clinker bricks used to finish its facades. Vivid high-rise blocks are the centerpieces of the estate, and lower sections ensure architectural diversification.
The height of the ground floor is bigger than of the other levels, which forms quite an elegant basement for the building. Total area of the site is 92,168 m², and the development area is 19, 354.24 m², plus the estate includes 44,751.1 m² of commercial premises.

Krasnodar, Russia

Project design/implementation year

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Alexander Sergeyevich Gozenko, Sole Entrepreneur
DALEE architectural bureau

Authors of the project
Team Leader: Alexander Gozenko
Team: Yulia Tlekhuzezh, Ilya Sheka, Ruslan Stanshula, Veronika Shevchenko

Project status:
Working drawings