Penguins Protection System

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About the project
The penguins generation is on the verge of extinction due to climate change. The presence of ice is vital for the penguins to live and lay eggs.
Emperor penguins breed in the cold Antarctic winter with temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius and below. To save energy and protect themselves from the cold, they adopt a behavioral strategy by coming together in large groups called «huddle». The igloo form of the project is designed in a circle and creates a suitable space for penguins to lay eggs due to the constant temperature inside.
«Penguins protection system» is composed of two parts. Above the water there is an igloo. Under the water there is a porous structure inspired by sea sponges. Here is also a pendulum that is moved by waves to produce the electricity needed to operate the cooling system. This underwater system is independent and, when needed, can smartly separate from the igloo above and move towards areas of melting ice and refreeze them.
It's time for the penguins to save the world!


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Additional information
This project in 2020 was a finalist & ranked 7th in the «Innovation for the Sea» category, by the FONDATION JACQUES ROUGERIE, Paris/France
Featured at Archdaily, CBS News, Yahoo, The Week UK, My Modern Met, Archi.Ru.

Applicant and author of the project
Sajjad Navidi.
Born 1993 in Tehran, Iran, completed his master's degree in architecture. Likes to face new challenges in his life and to learn, interested in sustainable architecture and like to design for people in deprived areas using indigenous materials. Believes all human beings have an equal right for comfortable life in this world.