Phoenix-Tree Garden

Best Implemented Landscaping and Green Beautification Project

About the project
The owner rented a yard in the hutong and asked us to design a teahouse garden. It is hoped that the gardens will include traditional gardens' elements and have the true feeling of traditional gardens. We used the folding wall and the moon door to change the internal space axis and organized the new landscape order with small bridges, waterways, and stacked mountains. Usually, people use Taihu rock or Yellow Rock to make rockery; this red layered rock is tough to make a nice rockery, which is a new trial in this design.
We use the red rock laminar stack, the light-transparent bridge of the steel grille, the gray and colored cobblestone paving, and the 10cm small gray tile paving. These materials give the garden a simple and authentic atmosphere.
We transform the language of traditional gardens here to get a new garden conception. The design makes this small yard have the appearance of today's architectural space while also having traditional gardens' poetry.

Beijing, China

Project implemented in

Applicant and author of the project
Atelier ZZ (means On-Construction Architecture Studio in Chinese) was founded in Beijing by Zhang Bo and Zhang Qingfan. They love traditional paintings and Chinese classical garden, this nourishing their design imagination. They are trying hard to bring traditional space feelings of garden and painting to architecture design work.
Lead Architects: Zhang Qingfan, Zhang Bo.

Other participants
Clients — Mr. Sun
Engineering — Gu Dan
Construction — Guo Haiqin team
Photo credits — Sun Haiting