Pinocchio — du er bra nok, treskalle!

Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

About the project
Pinocchio — du er bra nok, treskalle! is a newly written story based on Carlo Collodi's «The Adventures of Pinocchio» about being a different family and being good enough for each other. It's about discovering that you are unique. And about that you can actually get what you want, if you wishes strongly enough and get some help from magic.
The stage design is all made of real wood, and that was something the audience could feel and hear. By using the movement in the revolving stage that rotated in 3 individual pieces and directions and also the rotating squared pillars in the back — we could make magic moments for Pinocchio's journey. The pillars in the back also rotated individually with 3 different colours of wood and the fourth in mirror on the surface.
The wood for me as the artist stands for Father Geppeto's work as a carpenter and his love for wood — watching it come alive. Many of the costumes where made of cork-material.

Hålogaland Teater, Teaterplassen 1, Tromsø, Norway

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Applicant and author of the project
Marcus Olson.
Stage, set and costume designer born i Stockholm, Sweden. He has a bachelor in fine-arts -stage from Stockholms Dramatiska högskola 2006—2008. Since 1998 he has designed over 70 productions in Sweden at for example The Royal Dramatic theatre, The Royal Opera, Malmö Opera and Stockholms Stadsteater, in Norway at Oslo Nye Teater, Hålogalandteater, in Denmark at The Royal Danish opera and in Austria at Landestheater Linz. Marcus works with feature- film, dance, opera,theatre and tv-series.

Other participants
SCRIPT Toril Solvang
DIRECTOR Toril Solvang
WIGS AND MAKE UP Helena Andersson
COMPOSER Benjamin Mørk
PARTICIPANTS: Arthur Hakalahti, Emil Rodrigo Jørgensen, Jonas Delerud, Kristine Henriksen, John-Sigurd Kristensen, Ellen Andreassen, Mariama Slåttøy, Anna Karoline Bjelvin, Benjamin Mørk (piano) og Ingvild Anette Staff (saxophone) Emilie Elstad
PHOTO: Marius Fiskum