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About the project
The PixHotel concept is conceived as a scalable apartment complex assembled from six main types of “pixels” — factory-assembled blocks using modern wooden CLT panels.
The project provides for variability in the final combination, high speed of construction, reliability and environmental friendliness of structures, potential scalability of the building by adding new modules, the possibility of use in different climates, with a variety of finishes. The unique characteristics of CLT make it possible to increase the scale of the building within large limits, use spectacular cantilever projections, and place it on complex terrain. Exit from each room to open galleries eliminates possible sanitary restrictions. Residential rooms have their own kitchens and bathrooms and are designed in three options. A sauna, administration, and staircase block has also been developed.
PixHotel is an exceptional combination of form and function that takes hospitality standards to the next level.


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Red Orange company

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Igor Vorobiev

Culture Studio

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Design concept