New Reception Building of Portugal dos Pequenitos

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About the project
The New Reception Building of Portugal dos Pequenitos is located on the left bank of the Mondego River, in Coimbra. Despite being outside the “Uptown” and “Downtown” of the city, it is an area characterized by a high degree of monumentality, since in addition to the Monasteries and Convents there are also historical buildings such as Paços da Rainha Santa Isabel, Quinta das Lágrimas and Portugal dos Pequenitos.
Portugal dos Pequenitos is a space destined to the Portuguese ethnographic portrait, whose means of communication is architecture.
The concept of the New Reception Building of Portugal dos Pequenitos has as its starting point in the very basis of Portuguese culture — the route, the journey and the discoveries. Just as the park invites this journey of immersion in Portuguese roots, closely linked to the sea and the discoveries that it has made possible, we have identified the interpretation of the trip as a central point of the proposal, through a contemporary look.

Largo Rossio de Santa Clara, 3040-256 Coimbra, Portugal

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Applicant and authors of the project
Subvert Studio. Architecture, design and art studio focused on creating unique and unexpected solutions in each project in an increasingly diversified global market.
With more over ten years of experience, our multidisciplinary team starts from the existing, from our legacy and heritage, to create projects for the future, reflecting a sensible dichotomy between manual, artisanal and industrial thinking.
Architect Tiago Rebelo de Andrade.