Pow House

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
This project is a hostel in south of Iran in the incredible Hengam Island. This hostel is consisting of 4 rooms for guests, 3 of them in the first floor and one in the ground floor. Also, this hostel has two complete separate residential rooms for the owners in the first floor and in the north area of the site that has one bedroom each. In the ground floor we have a gathering area and a bar and kitchen and also an outdoor cinema for the local children that can educate while there are not many guests in the hot seasons of island. The idea of this project is the mixture of old city architecture frames with imposed together. The stairs and textures and windows are all the extract of the essence of old architecture of this island.

Hengam, Hormozgan, Iran

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
DAP STUDIO is a design and architectural practice studio based in Tehran, Iran. It started at 1975 focusing on Construction and Engineering and later started its architectural firm. Now after more than 48 years of experience we can provide services in both constructional and design areas but with more focus and architecture and design world and the discipline of architecture.
Project by Leyla Gholizadeh, Sara Sadat Zakernejad, Kimia Ghaderian, Sana Sani, Mahla Ahmadi Kafshani.

Status of the project
Under construction