Private House in the Emerald Village

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About the project
The house is functionally divided into 3 blocks. The central one under a pitched roof comprises a large kitchen combined with a living room. The 2nd part under a flat roofing is a technical zone, comprising the shelter, the garage, the entrance hall, the boiler house, as well as the guest bedroom and bathroom. The 3rd part comprises 2 master bedrooms, a wardrobe, and a master bathroom. 3 terraces offer views of the forest. On the side of the neighbors the fence is made of brick and clad with natural stone. An artificial pond with a fountain invite you to stop and meditate. The house is finished with clinker brick, decorative plastering, thermally modified timber, and energy efficient glass units.

Izumrudny Village, Voronezh, Russia

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Applicant and authors of the project
Maria Radchenko, architect