Project Vasa

Best Implemented Interior Design Project Using Works of Art

About the project
In an turn-of-the-century apartment building in central Gothenburg we had the pleasure to work with an art collector. By combining his passion for art and our eye for interior design we managed to create an inspiring living space where classic Scandivanian furniture comes together with Swedish and international art.

Vasagatan 23, Gothenburg, Sweden

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
Nouvel Interior.
Interior design Duo based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We focus mainly on creating exclusive residential environments but also take on collaboration projects with real estate developers.
Project by Elham Roshandel and 
Therese Eriksson.

Other participants
Project in collaboration with our client Dr. Magnus Holke, Sandra Stals at Bjurfors Gothenburg and photographer Alen Cordic.