“Glade” Landscape of the “Snowy Crown” Villa

Best Landscaping and Green Beautification Project

About the project
The key motif of this landscape is the nature itself. We found inspiration in a snowy pine top at the edge of the wood, as well as first spring thawed patches. Along the terrain edge, terrace multilayer microcascades were designed, featuring landscaping slabs, terrace fragments, and flower beds. Repeating the terrain, this layered cascade structure leads to a sight-seeing platform. Another structural group runs from the garage to a bunch of trees. Thick lawn grass is planted between two zigzag curbs close to the trees. As it is one of the lowest parts of the site, in high water times or when it rains, a puddle appears there, reflecting the trees and the sky. However, in the dry season the puddle disappears, and the lawn keeps growing, which is both advanced and eco-friendly.

Grodno, Belarus.

Project design year

Submitter and authors
Architipai studio, Evgeny and Vitaly Ananchenko.