Puente Negro

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About the project
P U E N T E N E G R O, the project that mixes art and architecture.
We designed for an artist an engraving workshop located in Ciudad de Nieva neighborhood. The project is designed to become an icon of the neighborhood, as it combines modern architecture with Greco-Roman and classical touches in a super harmonic way.
On a structural level, the project has a large entrance portico inspired by the Arc de Triomphe as an iconic element of art, materialized in a metal mesh. In addition, we designed a small café and a showroom that overlooks the street so that people can enjoy the great attraction of the place, turning it into a cultural space of the neighborhood.
Inside we find a workshop designed to become a residence for artists. On the other hand, on the upper floor we designed a loft for our client. It was played with double height with inverted arches and many sculptures.
It is an area absolutely dedicated to art and culture what do you think?

San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina

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Applicant and authors of the project
Estudio tablon.
«We are architects working as a team. based in jujuy, argentina. We project our works to the rest of the country and abroad. We work a modern, functional architecture with a marked emphasis on design.»