Qazvin Arch

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About the project (provided by the applicant)
The entrance gate is inspired by the nature of the entrances in traditional Iranian architecture, which has been updated with a modern approach, in addition, since the use and activities of the complex are related to science and technology, the details and geometry of the arches are designed to evoke the path of electrons around the nucleus, especially when the dynamic lighting is activated at night.
The study process of the project started with the question posed by the employer, whether the entrance can be an element of identity while defining the entrance and providing the required spaces so that it becomes a sign of the organization and activities at the province and country level. Therefore, the definition of the project has gone far beyond the definition of an entry, so that the formalistic aspect of the project could become particularly important.
The entrance part (project) is adjacent to a boulevard and a walking path (called Salamat Road) that goes to the heights. 

Qazvin, Iran

Project implementation year

Extra visual materials

Orib studio

Authors of the project
Vahid Sadraifar, Mohammad Khamsa Jamjardi

Qazvin Science and Technology Park

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