Rearrangement of the Farforovsky Post Premises


Best Project of Public Space by Student

About the project

The proposal is about readjustment of Farforovsky Post into a public promenade — from the Farforovskaya to the Sortirovochnaya Railway Stations. The walkway will be divided into some kind of stations — from a field of wheat one will be able to walk down the railway sleepers towards the New Railway Station and then take a path to the Craftsmen Village or the gardens.

In the Craftsmen Village arts and crafts workshops will be arranged — pottery, wood carving, and drawing.


St. Petersburg, Russia

Project design year


Extra visual materials (photos, videos etc.)

Project presentation

Applicant and authors of the project

Elmira Melnikova, Yevdokia Luneva, Natalya Nikanorova — MBAs in Environmental Design

Project status

Design concept