Renovation of Al-Khwarizmi square

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A competition was held to renovate Al-Khwarizmi Square in Tashkent, our team took the 1-st place on competition, and construction work should begin soon. The competition was held in 2 stages, after the first stage, the recommended changes were made by the judges of the competition. The task was not only to revive the square, but also to include various thematic elements related to the life and work of the great mathematician. The square was opened in the early 1980s, but unfortunately, in the 1990s the monument was destroyed and the square fell into disrepair.
The entire territory of the square is divided into the following zones: the central square, an area for intellectual games, a technical room, a bathroom, recreational areas, a sports ground, a playground and a lecture hall.
The following elements are located on the territory of the square: the monument to Al-Khwarizmi, busts of mathematicians, a playground, a sports ground, bicycle parking, a lecture hall, a sundial and an interact

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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Architecture Bureau Insard Architects.
Insard Architects is a team of talented and progressive architects and designers
who are well-known, have sufficient experience and are in demand in the field of architecture.
The Insard Architects bureau is mainly engaged in the design of residential buildings and individual private houses, public buildings and multifunctional facilities, and offers a wide range of services. Much attention is paid to close cooperation with the customer, creativity, originality of solutions.
Architects Nosirov Shakhzod, Galautdinov Vakil, Abdullaev Ibrokhim