Renovation of the Spring Water in Tungkluk — A Journey to the Heart of the Mother Earth

Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The Tungkluk Spring is one of the foundations of the existence of the village community. As a functional spot, it is a place for bathing, washing, and fetching water, but there is also a ritual performed every year called Rasulan. The big old Jambu tree guiding that spring creates a shady spot that makes the space very ancient and sacred. Keeping up the surroundings of the spring is needed to protect the water from dirt and pollution. The improvement of the roof is also needed to guarantee the protection of the source. And more the surrounding place could be more attractive to open another possibility for other compatible activities in the future.
For the moment what we have done is securing the spring by repairing some parts of the stone wall, improving the paved area to guarantee the protection of the spring, renewing and giving new energy to the spring by redesigning the roof, providing the surrounding place with a more comfortable ambience using the available local materials.

Tungkluk Sub-village, Beji Village, Ngawen Sub-district, Gunung Kidul District, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Project design/implementation year

Extra visual materials

Eko Prawoto is an architect and educator based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia whose practice is characterised by contextualism, communality, craftsmanship, and social activism. Prawoto’s architectural training at UGM Yogyakarta and Berlage Institute Amsterdam. His practice is largely centred on designing houses and cultural spaces. Prawoto has also actively designed for community development and post-disaster reconstruction. His works and installations also have been widely exhibited on platforms.

Author of the project
Eko Prawoto, Linda Octavia, with the village community of Tungkluk

Village community of Tungkluk

Other participants
Photographer: Dewiyanti Serofina Ngamelubun
Technical Teams: Wahyu Aji Pamungkas, Axel Ardiantara Kristian, Jimmy Machael Tirtayasa.
Workers: Village community of Tungkluk

Status of the project