Abbey of Sangalgano Museum

Best Architectural Design for a Museum

About the project
The international competition aimed at designing a museum for the Abbey of San Galgano. Design process was derived from the incidents that occurred earlier in abbey with two major incidents on which the whole design was developed. The incidents were the thunder that struck the bell tower, collapsed on the roof which did not only shatter the roof but also the time, place and activity of Abbey of Saint Galgano. Retaining the essence of light from open to sky collapsed roof and the history mentioning sword that was penetrated into the stone, instead of cross. These reasons come together as a creative approach in proposal to remind and aware visitors about the earlier incidents in the abbey through resemblance. The roofing system is designed in such a way that it stands independent of any support from the structure of abbey. Inspired from the spills of water, the idea of creating a roofing system has been developed.


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Applicant and author of the project
Mohammed Sulaiman, practicing architect and researcher a native of Hyderabad, India. He believes in creating meaningful architecture, inspired from legendary architects like Le Corbusier and Charles Correa. He believes in sharing knowledge, in the process of learning. With getting his submissions for competitions, shortlisted to contributing in the welfare of society by doing creative workshops in orphanage, old age home, neglected communities and Juvenile homes since 2016.