Reserva House

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About the project
Located in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, the Reserva House was designed basing on the principles of sustainability. We wanted to reduce the impact of construction as much as possible through the use of natural materials and simple solutions such as a water recycling system, solar panels and certified wood. Thermal comfort was achieved by using brise-soleils that allowed for both natural light and shading. Large windows enabled people to connect with and to contemplate the calm and beautiful nature that surrounded the house.

Cel. Benjamin Viêira, 635, Centro, Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil

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Applicant and authors of the project
Zucki Bellincanta Architects have been working since 2014 in the residential architecture and interior design sector in Brazil. Our main goal is to deliver a contemporary and functional language to all projects as well as the best architectural composition. We are also focused on creating a link between the interior of the residence and the surrounding landscape, providing horizontal connections and meaningful experiences.
Authors: Giovanni Bellincanta and Eduarda Zucki.