Residence L

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
The project is situated to the east of the city, having one of the most prestigious views when it comes to the local landscape. The residence is of a single-family character that includes an area of 605,94 m² to be worked, obeying a built area of m². the architecture premise follows the dynamic and familiar experience, reception from friends and quality of family infrastructure, from the first moments worrying about the supports of the configuration to the final comfort
as the choice of the house. The execution of the project follows latent characteristics for high-end residences in the city, located in expansion areas, placing an L-shaped house under the ground, opening all sides to the panoramic view facing the sunrise in the Serra from Itabaiana. Emphasizing for better performance and respecting the topography, the ground floor volume contemplates the social environments of low permanence and leisure, has privileged views through large windows and openings of the leisure area.

Road I, Lot 13, Quadra D, Consominio Residential Heitor Villa Lobos, Neighborhood Anisio Amâncio De Oliveira, Itabaiana, Sergipe, Brazil

Project design year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Cleyton Dos Santos Architecture and Urbanism office works with customized projects, for clients who seek modernity, professionalism mainly: exclusivity and quality. Specialist in quality architecture and we are passionate about turning our clients' dreams into reality. We think of absolutely every detail to make our customers have the best experience possible in this very special moment. This is the purpose that connects us with our customers throughout the state and country.

Status of the project
Under construction