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Located in the heart of the vibrant city of Monterrey, this high-end residential project redefines the concept of luxury and sustainability. The residence stands out for its perfect integration with the local landscape, using native materials that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The architectural design favors natural light and cross ventilation, creating large, airy spaces that connect harmoniously with the external environment. The facade is covered with local stones, which not only add aesthetic beauty, but also guarantee durability and thermal insulation.

The interiors are a celebration of regional craftsmanship, with noble woods and artisanal finishes that add a touch of exclusivity to every detail. The gardens, carefully planned, use native flora, promoting biodiversity and minimizing water consumption.

Monterrey, Mexico

Project design year

Mateus Monteiro, architect.
Mateus continues to impress the architecture industry with his inexhaustible creativity, exceptional technical skills and visionary leadership. His name has become synonymous with excellence and innovation, and his contribution to the field of architecture and product design is widely recognized and respected. As a dedicated entrepreneur and architect, Mateus inspires other professionals to reach their full potential and redefine the limits of architectural creativity

Author of the project
Mateus Monteiro

Status of the project
Under construction

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