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Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
Architectural design inspired by the Los Angeles and Miami mansions. There are two thousand meters of slab and 900 meters of built area. Straight lines, large eaves and free spans, exposed concrete and high ceilings are characteristics present in this architectural project.
The lot has a steep slope of 13 meters in relation to the curb, thus increasing the level of complexity of the architectural project. As an opportunity, we used the slope to highlight the swimming pool suspended in balance, proposing a plan under the main floor, thus providing the opportunity for a panoramic view of the three existing seafronts in the region.
The sustainable solutions existing in the project are: reuse of rainwater, drinking water cistern and infrastructure for capturing solar energy.
As a bioclimatic solution, we use natural lighting and the use of natural materials, revisiting biophilia for architecture through the panoramic view and the natural elements that permeate the residential project.

Rua das Laranjeiras S/N, Bosque das Mansões, São José, Brazil

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Applicant and author of the project
Progetta Studio de Arquitetura e urbanismo.
Located in Santa Catarina, Brazil, Progetta Studio is formed by architects Allan Chierighini and Graziella Oliveira. We believe that high-level work motivates, stimulates and inspires people. Each feature is thought and designed to express the essence of future residents. Fundamentals such as sustainability, technology, biophilia and the use of apparent materials are characteristics that exist in all projects.
Project by Allan Chierighini.

Status of the project
Under construction