Residencial in Curitiba

Best Project of Residential Estate

About the project
Solidifying the corner as an angular point of articulation between the private area and the urban space, thus creating a safe meeting space, of permanence and enjoyment, with a cession of the lot to the street, was one of the heading points of this project, through the search for a deeper connection and questioning between the limits of the street and the private space. In order to humanize the scale between the building and pedestrians, the tower strays from the retreat, conceding spaces for social interaction. The variety of typologies of apartments is extensive, due to a search for a diversity of public in the building. Pleated balconies create the visuals needed for each apartment to enjoy the city's skyline, correctly oriented.

Água Verde, Curitiba, Brazil

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Applicant and authors of the project
YVA Arquitetura.
Office for creation, development and discussion on Brazilian contemporary architecture.
Architects Yuri Vasconcelos, Lucas Bochnie, Danilo Akio, Nicolas Marques, Alessandro Yamada, Alexandre Lima, Heinrich Froese Neto, Erik Hiroshi Kusakariba