Residential development of a recreation cluster in Kronstadt

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About the project
As directed by Vladimir Putin, the tourism and recreation cluster in Kronstadt is being developed as a center of the naval service. The development concept comprises living and public premises for employees of the Military Training Center for Russian Naval Service from scratch, and 50 thousand m2 of buildings will be restored.
The Museum and History Park and the Sports Campsite have already been built, and new facilities are to come – residential developments with a total area of 35 thous. m2, the yacht marine and the sea port, the oceanarium, the grand- and business-hotels of 200 suites each, the Military Naval Glory Museum with a convention-exhibition center.
All the amenities will be there, including nurseries, schools, health centers and sports facilities.

Kronstadt, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Applicant and authors of the project
Giprogorproject – architects Ilikchyan A., Garbaruk G., Anvarzhonov A., Ergashev I., Shadov Z., Zakharova M., Bukharin I., Sidelnikov D., Khazykova E.