Residential estate with commercial premises and an underground parking


Best Project of Residential or Multifunctional Estate

About the project

U Development is designed on a 8.42 hectare site. It comprises 11 apartment blocks, 7 of them being urban villas, beautified private courtyards, and a green pedestrian boulevard.  Two possible layouts were designed for the villas — with two-level apartments at the ground floor and with commercial premises.  


Innopolis, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

Project design year


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T+T Architects

Authors of the project

Sergey Trukhanov, Sofia Burmistrova, Georgy Tyugayev, Anton Struzhkin, Vadim Kozelsky, Anna Bukhavalova, Larisa Panasenko, Maria Salekh, Natalya Fedorova, Nikolay Bukhantsov, Karina Uloga, Kirill Khrennikov, Vladislav Garifullin

Project status

Under construction