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About the project
We turned this enormous 3000 square meters terrain into a nazari style garden, a space that communicates the peace and inspiration that our customers were searching. Our project involved the renovation of the swimming pool, the floorings and the entry side, as well as new painting for the facade and restyling with new ironwork and archways with fabric that produce an arabic atmosphere. We also did comprehensive work in gardening, watering and lightning.
Our main wager was recreating the owners' dream; Spanish citizens, with deep Hispanic roots which they do not want to forget, their aim was to enjoy the tranquility, the light, color and aromas typical to a Nazari garden. This lead us to think of a unique garden, creating a gorgeous compound, housing this delicate mixture between Hispanic and Muslim cultures, as a symbol of Peace among them.


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Additional information
Leaving aside the technical aspects of the work, we must emphasize that the whole complex is embedded by our literary narrative, a story in which the proprietors play an essential part, hence achieving the final goal of our work: that the estate and the project conform a lasting legacy.

Applicant and author of the project
Fernando Pozuelo as landscape designer in Madrid has devised and coordinated more than 450 projects throughout the years. This amount of works shows the success of his selected signature and tailored gardens. «Our way to understand the landscape design is shown by the unique outcome that we get from each garden that we design. We work thoroughly and take into account every natural, living, human and abstract element that affects the whole environment. Nevertheless, it is also important to count.»