Rimac Talent Park: Leisure, sports and cultural center

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About the project
Lima historical center has been immersed in an urban decay because of an excessive desire to modernize, causing that natural spaces lose its quality and importance. Because of this situation, the riverbanks of the Rimac river have been converted into highways which separates the city from the water. The project aims to reconnect both ecosystems by recovering a length of 2 kilometers of the north riverbank, creating a new place for the leisure of the citizens. The urban strategies include burying the highway in order to place a lineal park in the surface, creating a sequence of plazas which links the existing pedestrian infrastructure, placing pedestrian bridges strategically so they connect important spaces of both riverbanks, and building a public facility for sport, cultural and commercial activities. The synergies caused between these strategies aim to promote the quality of life of the habitants and turn the historical center into a good place for living.

North riverbank in historical centre, Lima, Perú

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Applicant and author of the project
Felipe Bardales Aliaga
1993 born in Lima, Perú. Graduated as Architect at PUCP (Lima) in 2019 with a “Very Good” mention. In 2017 won an international competition for the renovation of a public park in Genova, Italy. In 2019 published a research about urban riverbanks as recreational greenlines. Passionate about architectural & urban design in any scale, aswell as highly interested in architecture illustration and BIM technologies for the development of a more efficient workflow.