Rodya», adapted from Feodor Dostoevsky’s «Crime and Punishment»

Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

About the project

In the novel, Raskolnikov lived in a tiny garret, which looked more like a closet than an apartment. The roofs of St. Petersburg are a local cultural phenomenon; hence the set design of the production is based on the image of an old rusty roof.

“Rodya” centers around Raskolnikov’s memories of recent events in his life. All the images we see are born in his head. The roof-wall is a symbol of his outlook on life, therefore the set is made as a single structure with folding or extending parts. A bed, a window, a door, a table, a ‘red corner’ with an icon – all of these appear when the hero remembers them.


Istra, Moscow Region, Russia


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Istra Drama Theatre

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Set designer Natalya Voinova

Stage director Rinat Tashimov

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