Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
Named after the Rubik's cube toys, the nine-boxes form could be interpreted as a subconscious reference to the feng shui Bagua map. It’s a belief that can’t be replaced by most houses in the Chinese Indonesian community. The challenge lay in how the architecture can accommodate and combine feng shui to form an atypical modern house with unique functions based on the whole family member and their living environment.
Located in Cakung industrial area, the house is developed with minimum openings on the upper level to avoid excessive heat. This idea comes up by observing the habits of people in the area. They tend to close their houses with blinds during the day and turn on the air conditioning all day long. Thus, the laser-cut aluminium sun shading panels on the second level and minimal skylight on the roof level are implemented to keep the house cool whilst well-lit.

Jakarta, Indonesia

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GeTs Architectsarchitecture studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded by Gerard Tambunan who known as an architect that has great concern for soul of space in his works. Our projects ranging from residential, office, villa, commercial building and education building. We always try to undertake innovation designs which adjust the situation and the limitedness we found.

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Photos by Fernandogomulya