Water Tower 1908—1909

Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project

About the project
To keep and rearrange this cultural landmark for today’s use, the following was made:

  • the lost 4th tier of the tower was reconstructed;
  • a sight-seeing platform was arranged within the 4th tier;
  • a tourist data center was arranged within the 1st tier;
  • an exhibition gallery with modifiable exposition was arranged within the tower;
  • brick masonry was restored;
  • remaining elements of the metal staircase were restored;
  • floors were finished with mettlach tiling to match the remaining sites;
  • engineering and technical utilities necessary for safe operation of the tower were installed.

Sobornaya Square, Staraya Russa, the Novgorod Region, Russia

Project implementation year

Submitter and author         
Andrey Barabanov, senior architect at Renaissance Restoration.