Rustic Rays restaurant

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
The design is with a focus on sustainability & giving local community support by using eco-friendly locally sourced materials that reduce the carbon footprint. Bamboo a highly versatile quick-to-regenerate material, is used for lighting & adds to the vibrancy of the narrative. Reclaimed wooden screens regionally-sourced, jute ropes, mocktail counter made from reclaimed wood are other green materials used. The design features three types of dining areas. The dark terrazzo flooring, locally sourced mosaic-topped tables add artisanal highlights. The centerpiece of the design an assembly of bamboo pendants suspended overhead, woven by local craftsmen adds to the textural vibrancy. Some ceiling portions are draped with soft folds of fabric adding gentleness & contributing to acoustics.
The design balances modern design with traditional craftsmanship & wisdom, demonstrating mindfulness towards the earth, the hospitality business & the designers’ commitment to using sustainable materials.

Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Project implementation year

Extra visual materials

tHE gRID Architects. Founded by Snehal & Bhadri Suthar, they believe that designing is not just a profession, but a way of life. They strive for an inclusive approach to design & vision is to design with the inner consciousness and thoughts driven by the heart, as they believe it is the most honest pathway to meaningful designs. Guided by the «Heartfulness» meditation path their philosophy is centered around biophilic design, which involves creating buildings that are in harmony with the natural world.

Author of the project
tHE gRID Architects (Snehal Suthar & Bhadri Suthar)

Mr. Parth Vaghela

Other participants
Bamboo lamps: Ashok Bhai
Photo credits: Photographix India
Video credits: MGX India

Status of the project