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About the project
This abbreviation is a combination of words and it reflects my idea — sun wind water, space we write, the colors at logo reflect the link with Dubai's sustainable development goals.
I propose to create a universal module that will cause associations and arouse interest in the history of this place. The module resembles the image of a boat.
I propose to create a public space at different levels, which will be in demand at any time of the day. According to the project design, there are retail spaces, an underwater restaurant, a cafe, an art space and a lot more.
The peculiar form protects against adverse weather conditions: overheating, sand and wind. Including serves as a frame for caps and the fans. Inside each house, there is ventilation-atrium space, which transmits natural energy of light and air. Warm air comes out through this atrium the cold air goes down and the house begins to «breathe».

UAE, Dubai

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Applicant and author of the project
Veronika Supruniuk, architect.