Four Elements Garden

Best Implemented Landscaping and Green Beautification Project

About the project
This multilevel garden on a terrace ashore one of small rivers at the outskirts of Moscow is cozy and intimate. Located in front of the main entrance to the house, it is accessible by stairs, their symmetry and magnificence highlighted with umbrella-shaped spindle trees and a rectangular pond. The garden perimeter is fenced with retaining walls, contributing to its privacy. This is a place to install comfortable lawn furniture – right at the outside fireplace. The rosary at one of the walls is always delightful. The entrance to the house is edged by Japanese spiraea, and juneberry trees with round spindle trees perfectly fit into the garden.

The Moscow Region, Russia

Project implementation year

Applicants and authors of the project
BUGAEV Parks & Gardens (Ivan Bugaev, Alina Trunova, Vyacheslav Pavlov)