Architecture and creation museum of Safavi historical house

Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

About the project
We created a museum with the subject of architecture and creativity in the historical house, that is a work of Islamic architecture of the Safavid period and it is located in one of the historical neighborhoods of Isfahan which is the source of Iranian architecture. First, we renovated the house, and after that we provided exhibitions and information of the history of architecture and creative activities. The best idea was to shape the museum by creative interaction with the audience. Therefore, we considered the restoration activities as a part of the museum's activities. We also provided other museum objects interactively with the audience. We put the museum furniture on a competition and made other utensils and items in interactive workshops. We designed and executed the murals and collected all the necessary scientific contents by holding seminars and classes. The flexibility and the dynamism has led to the addition of the contents of the museum and this trend continues to this day

Corner of the 31 alley, Khaghani street, Isfahan, Iran

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Applicant and authors of the project
Polsheer Architects.
Established in 1981 is considered today as one of the leading consulting firms in Iran , providing a wide range of consulting services in field of design and supervision.
Over the past four decades, Polsheer has undertaken the design and supervision of a large number of distinguished building projects, and developed valuable experience in special concepts that enabled the firm to pre-qualify for participation and winning in several local and international competitions.
Architects Mohammadreza Ghaneei, Ardesheer Ghaneei, Ashkan Ghaneei.
Colleagues Hadi Musavi, Nare Geragusian, Mohammad amin Rabeie.