Sama Music Pavilion

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The project is inspired by the costume of a Sama dancer. Sama is an ancient dance that is one of the oldest dances In Iranian culture, it is mostly formed in group ceremonies and is accompanied by instruments, songs, and dances. We designed Sama to solve the problems of street musicians and respect the street music inspired by Sama dance. Problems such as lack of adequate space, The destructive effects of climate change on instruments and the lack of necessary facilities for electricians. Sama is a space for performing street music. In terms of material and form, it's designed to increase acoustic quality and proper performance in different weather conditions. with its special form, Sama prevents the focus of sound and causes the integrated play of sound, and provides a suitable space for musicians and listeners of street music. Sama is connected to a music streaming platform. Artists can connect to this platform by being inside Sama. 

Tabriz, Iran

Project design year

Applicants and authors of the project
Seyed Amirhossein Mirmoeini, Mohammad Aref Ghorbani, Jalal Khalkhali, Sarina Jamali & Shahrnoosh Moradi Fallah Langarudi, industrial designers and one architect gathered together to do something to increase urban quality.

Other participants
With Special Thanks to: Salar Zianourani, Amir Reza Farajollahi Far, Erfan Eslami, and Pooya Nahavandi

Status of the project
Conceptual design