San Tola

Best Implemented Reconstruction Project

About the project
The depopulation in the historic center of Quito is undeniable because no housing supply meets contemporary needs. Most of the interventions in the sector are destined for tourism, generating a rotating population that lacks a sense of appropriation over the territory.
The architectural proposal consists of recovering and enhancing the value of the house's original structure. The complex is made up of eight apartments and two commercial spaces, with simple finishes that make it possible to reduce sales costs. The project focuses on the spaces of collective occupation, the central courtyard is protected by a large umbrella with a laminated timber structure and a glass roof to provide more light and warmth to the interior of the homes. In the transition from one courtyard to the other are located bicycle racks with space for one bicycle per dwelling, the rear courtyard/garden has a communal multipurpose room, a bathroom, a machine room, and a laundry room for communal use.

Quito, Vicente León N9-52, Ecuador

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Applicant and authors of the project
Taller General
Project by Martín Real and Florencia Sobrero

Javier Real

Other participants
Collaboration: Madebú, Rothoblast Ecuador, Cerrotec, Las manos sucias, Lara Girardi, Sofía Arcos, Nathaly Reina, Francis Cruz.
Engineering: Pedro Ospina
Photos: Andrés Villota, JAG studio, Punto Dos studio

Status of the project