Sarajevo Public Library

Best Design Project for Library

About the project
To this day, Sarajevo suffers from the consequences of the dissolution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Skenderija is a district on the edge of the historic old town and has been a trading center since 1499. A sports and broadcasting center was built here for the 1984 Winter Olympics, which is still very popular today.
The new circular building with surrounding green space is created. The books are kept in a solid round core. Circumferential work and lounge levels are formed around this bookcase, which is illuminated by daylight but protected from direct sunlight. A pleasant atmosphere is created for working, reading, or lingering.
The large stepped square is now used as a meeting point and it’s easily accessible. The area is also expanded to include a base-forming basement, which offers space for seminars and exhibitions. This basement can also be accessed and opened up to the newly acquired meeting point independently of the library.

Skenderija, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
KAATO Architects.
«We are ambitious and passionate young architects from Bosnia and Herzegovina willing to create something meaningful.»
Architects Ćato Alija and Prevljak Amra.