Spasskiy Cathedral

Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project

About the project
Built in 1790 — 1824, Spasskiy («Savior’s») Cathedral in Penza was a magnificent memorial of architectural Classicism. Alas, it was exploded in 1934.
From 2010 till 2022, it was being reconstructed under the project by Grazhdanproekt. The result complies with the Classicism tradition — the austere symmetric facility features entrance porticos with columns and triangular frontals, and 5 domes soar above the square enclosure. The renewed cathedral can house 5 thousand people. The interiors are all the Russian classics — stucco elements, academic style paintings, and natural stone floors.
The key artistic and conceptual highlight is the wooden icon stand with gilded elements made by Palekh Icon Stand creative group.

Penza, Russia

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Penza Eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchy) 

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