Seh-Nobar Villa Garden

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project (provided by the applicant)
Villa Se-Nobar is a story about the coexistence of three families, in the village of Paske, Gilan province. The owner wished to have three separate villas for his family in a 1800 sq.m pine garden. The question arose for us: Can three separate villas evoke ancient Iranian houses with courtyards for the family? How can these “three” villas coexist in a tripartite dialogue without harming the pine trees? Villa «Se-Nobar» is a harmonious blend of modern design and traditional Zoroastrian architecture, designed to accommodate the needs of three families while promoting a sense of community and privacy. The ground floor features a horizontal scenario that encourages interaction, while the first floor offers separate living spaces within high brick round arches. A connecting bridge provides a unique perspective of the surroundings and ties the different areas of the villa together. Overall, villa «Se-Nobar» is a peaceful and beautiful living space that caters to the needs of all three families.

The village of Paske, Gilan province, Iran

Project design year

Niloofar Khadempour. Born in Tehran, Iran, 1990. Graduated from Department of Architecture, West Tehran Branch, Azad University, 2017. Completed course of Interior Decoration from Bonzhivar Institute, 2015. She has been working as a principal architect and one of the founders of ATZ office since 2016, where she has designed various public and residential projects.she achieved 2 architecture award in 2020 and 2023. Alongside her professional activities, she is currently researching on architectural history.

Author of the project
Niloofar khadempour

Other participants
Diagram: Armin Saraeei
Visualization: Meysam Asghari

Status of the project
Under construction

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