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About the project (provided by the applicant)
Seigneur mansion is dominated by the silence of the feudal era!
The design of this project was an effort in the hope of a successful experience, as a modernization project. In order to represent the magnificence of long curved elements of historical buildings (for example turrets and ramparts), we resorted to long vertical planes with irregular angles to create a design form.
Seigneur, while being simple and without the architectural details found in the aristocratic palaces of the 14th and 15th centuries, has an eye-catching splendor. Seigneur is an forest mansion for all seasons. The silence that reigns in this mansion narrates wars, loves and betrayals.

Mazandaran, Iran

Project design year

Bira Wafaei Baneh, architect and Phd student of construction engineering, researcher in new building technologies, lecturer in architecture courses and founder of «Sepehr Novin» company active in Architecture Innovation Center of SBU University of Tehran.

Authors of the project
Bira Wafaei Baneh, Koosha Wafaei Baneh, Masoud Rahmati Deyranloyi

Status of the project
Working drawings

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