Sereia Villa by Mandala Eco Village

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The design of this villa is inspired by Mount Rinjani which reflects the source of life for the people of the island of Lombok, Indonesia where this project is located: from Lake Segara Anakan (on Mount Rinjani) water flows throughout the island of Lombok to fertilize rice and vegetables. These things ensure harmony of life in the preservation and balance of the environment on the island of Lombok. Likewise with the people who live under Mount Rinjani who always get goodness and prosperity.
This is in line with the concept of The Mandala eco-village which emphasizes the balance of nature and life as part of nature itself. Sustainable bamboo material is used as the main material in the construction of this villa. This is the best way to appreciate the local environment and culture. And also utilizing the skills and craftsmanship of local bamboo communities.
This villa will give you a sense of harmony, serenity and be part of the balance of nature itself.

Batu Bangke, Lombok, Indonesia

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Applicant and author of the project
Studio WNA is an architectural consultant with a bamboo specialist in Bali, Indonesia. We design buildings related to hospitality projects. Our concern is to use local materials such as bamboo, to be the main material in building construction. And also to use local bamboo skills and craftsmanship to build the buildings. This is to respect the environment and also the local culture.
Project by Widhi Nugroho.

PT. Mandala Eco Village. Lombok, Indonesia

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PT. Invest Island, PT. Mandala Eco Village

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