Shahgholi Villa

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
This project seeks to organize both the ground and the villa simultaneously by using the ground’s border walls, which results in attributing characteristics unique to spaces all around the villa and the ground: Each corner of the villa and the ground has spatial qualities unique to itself that differentiates it from the other points.
The walls that act as the border of the ground increase in thickness in certain areas of the ground, which will be the mass of the villa that houses the functions inside. In this context, the walls have a critical role to organize privacy, borders, circulation, and access. To better use this technique, the base ground was lowered one level, so that the thickening of the wall will create the surfaces of both the landscape and the villa. To further reference the architectural language of the project and create unique spatial conditions, the roof is curved similar to the shape of the surrounding wall.

Damavand, Tehran, Iran

Project design year

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Applicant and authors of the project
FMZD (Farshad Mehdi Zadeh Design).
Farshad Mehdi Zadeh was born in Isfahan, Iran. He acquired a second master’s degree at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona, after which he returned to Iran and established his own firm. Farshad is also active in the academic field, work as a guest lecturer as well as through international workshops and collaboration with architects, instructors, and architecture institutes around the world. Farshad focuses his research on geographically context-based architecture.
Principal architect: Farshad Mehdi Zadeh
Project Architect: Nima Shoaie

Other participants
Client: Mr. Milad Shahgholi
Render: Ali Kazemi