Sharif Office Building

Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
This project which was initiated by the Sharif University professors as a research-based communal working space for students. Designing the facade from brick but using new technology was a nod to the nearby 1960s brick-clad university buildings, as well as the fact that the Sharif Office Building will house students working on technological innovations. 
The aim of this project was primarily to provide students with adequate facilities for research and investigation, and to reduce the huge amount of brain drain from the country. The aim here was to create a pleasant space for these top students so that they feel attached and proud to be a part of this organization. Giving value to the youth is essential to encourage them not to migrate and to contribute to the future development of the country. The resulting building is a new typology for office buildings which could be considered as a role model for future developments not only in the region but also throughout the country.

Etka St./North Akbari St./West Azadi St, Tehran, Iran

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Applicant and authors of the project
Hooba Design Group
Principal Architect — Hooman Balazadeh
Project Architect — Elham Seyfiazad
Design Team — Elham Seyfiazad, Saman Soleimaniha, Mona Razavi, Saeed Farshbaf, Davood Raeesi