Shenzhen Lotus Water Culture Base: Landscape Design for Honghu Park Water Purification Station

Best Implemented Landscape Architecture Project

About the project
Shenzhen Lotus Water Culture Base represents an important attempt of NODE in infrastructure publicization projects over the years in terms of interdisciplinary design practice of water purification and landscape architecture. As the surface landscape is closely related to flood control requirements and the underground water purification facility, we achieved sufficient understanding about the technical logic and production process/logic behind the landscape design. On this basis, we go beyond the engineering logic, and create an aesthetic and community-friendly public space on top of the water purification station.

HongHu West Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Doreen Heng LIU and her studio NODE have been conducting diversified architectural and urban design practices in the PRD and wider region for years. With the design focuses on urban regeneration, infrastructure and public space, the studio tries to reinvestigate and reexamine the given conditions based on specific sites and issues. Through a series of critical and research-based design exercises, the studio seeks to explore and ultimately to deliver different but better alternatives in architecture today.

Other participants
Construction: Shenzhen Water (Group) Co., LTD
Structure + electromechanical: China Municipal Engineering Southwest Design and Research Institute Co., LTD
Photographer: Zhang Chao