Siberian Dreams


Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

About the project

This is the largest exhibition project telling about the historical and cultural heritage of the peoples of Siberia and Far East. Comprising 30+ original units and 20+ contemporary art works, including mystic artifacts from the Neolithic Age, zoomorphic ornaments from the Iron Age, and refined shamanistic images. These are harmoniously neighbored by works of contemporary Siberian artists — Dashi Namdakov, andan Dugarov, Oleg Komarov and others.

Especially for the exhibition, top-quality copies of certain pieces were made along with large-scale sculpture installations representing the flora and fauna of the region.


State History Museum, Moscow, Russia

Project implementation year


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Extra visual materials (photos, videos etc.);


Tavolga, Science and Culture Development Foundation

Author of the project

Marina Bondareva, Vasily Novikov (Tavolga) Petr Biryukov (Arkheolab R&D laboratory)

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