Sky-L17 Tower

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The Sky-17 tower is the product a competition in the city of London in order to revitalize a deteriorating area and promote the intensification of land occupation, this through controlled vertical growth. The site is located in front of an old train station totally uninhabited and without operation for several years.
The masterplan for the area proposes the creation of a park and an articulated system of public spaces and the implantation of a tower with at least 70 floors and enough parking spaces both for it and for the area.
The proposed tower is divided into two vertical fragments joined by a transitional space to achieve lightness and reduce the perception of “heaviness” characteristic of a skyscraper over 280 meters high. To accentuate the scale, the facades of each block are cut into several «folds» reducing the massiveness and improving the behavior as a function of the wind. At the top of the building, gardens and observatory spaces are generated.

London, the UK

Project design year

Applicant nd author of the project
Cristhian Erazo. Born in Quito on August 21, 1981. Architect and Urban Planner from the Central University of Ecuador, in 2005 he won the first prize in the European scholarship contest «Erasmus Mundus» and specializes in Architectural and Urban Design at the Polytechnic of Milan, Italy . As of 2007, he has developed several projects in free exercise and in conjunction with important firms in Quito, winning several competitions and in 2013 the Illustrious Ornate Municipality Award of Quito.

Other participants
Renderings: Cristian Guano Romero