Sky Tower

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The development has 18 floors in Balneário Perequê in Porto Belo/Brazil, with apartments over 100m² with 3 suites, leisure areas above the garage floors and an impressive Rooftop exploring the sloping lines of the facade, which enhance the view of the sea with double height ceilings and infinity pool. On the ground floor there will be commercial rooms.
The objective of the Project is to bring boldness and impact for the construction company Revê Empreendimentos to differentiate itself in the market. The sloping lines of the facade leave the base of the building to meet in the impressive Rooftop with double height, forming a harmonious and continuous design that unites all the facades of the building. In this way, we value the sea view at the top of the building, promoting an amazing experience for Sky Tower residents.

Av. Almirante Fonseca Neves, Perequê, Porto Belo, Santa Catarina, Brazil

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Applicant and authors of the project
EZE Arquitetura e Engenharia LTDA is located in Bombinhas, Santa Catarina, Brazil, in one of the most beautiful cities in the country with 39 beaches. Office was founded in 2017 by founding partner Ezequiel Nomi da Silva with the purpose of promoting to our clients the best of modern and contemporary architecture, following the principles of beauty, stability and economically viable in all our projects. Today, together with his partner Gilson Zimmermann, the project team has six more architects.

Revê Empreendimentos

Status of the project
Under construction