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Skybowl is a 5-storey extension building to an existing shopping mall in Qingdao, China. It's 35m high above ground floor and features a semicircle roof open-air theatre of circa 50m diameter, overlooks the splendid yellow sea. The roof theatre consists of five independent grandstands and supported by merely 12 circular slim columns. To achieve the aesthetical requirements, the column sizes are designed to be slender and the numbers are to be the least. The structural design of the Skybowl aims to fulfills and utilize architectural requirements and improve the efficiency of the structure to the extreme. The roof diaphragm is achieved by five independent undevelopable curved surfaces. Through spatial shape effects, the overall stiffness of the roof is improved.Then, greater lateral stiffness is acquired by slightly tilt the fixed column group of multiple lengths.

No. 50 Donghai west road, Shinan district, Qingdao City, China

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XinY Structural Consultants, team of engineers committed to expand the boundaries of structures. Found in 2001, consists of a main office in Shanghai another in London. It was selected as the top5 structural firm of the world by A+ Awards 2021 (USA), gold winner of A' Design Awards 2022 (ITA), winner of Structural Awards 2020 Showcase (UK), winner of Iconic Awards 2022 (GER). XinY founded and administrate China Structure Forum for over 20 years, today with about 360,000 members and over 1,000,000 posts.

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Contractor: Jiaozhouwan Construction Group Co., Ltd
Photographers: SOPA & Hisense
Architect: SOPA
Structural Designer: XinY
Co-Design: Beiyang

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