Slow Office Building

Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
This office building arises from the urban consideration of the context where it is located and proposing at the same time new working open exterior healthy spaces. An advanced solution to the COVID pandemic.
The Slow building seems to have advanced to the future. Appears that it had predicted, in some way, the COVID pandemic. The project initiated 11 years ago started with the main idea of offering healthy open spaces for work. The beginning of the commission with the proposal of a new squeeze volume, raising from the context to pick up the best solar conditions, and gaining a new exterior roof space has become the perfect answer for healthy workspaces. The roof garden and the balconies in the south façade have become the best exterior spaces for working. The Slow is a new type of office building where the average between interior and exterior space corresponds per every 7 m2 of office surface has a 1 m2 of terrace.

Barcelona, Spain

Project implementation year

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Extra visual materials (photos, videos etc.) -por-bailo-rull

Applicant and authors of the project
BAILORULL add: «We understand architecture as a constellation system which is shaped by the distinct relationships between chunks of information.
Every piece of data establishes its own intensity and brightness within each project, creating a particular and unique constellation. Social, historical, environmental and health issues, are all organized across the human scale — movement, texture and body — defining each specific project.»

Other participants
Project director BAILORULL Architect Carlos Rocha
Project director BAILORULL Architect Julià Garcia Ferrando
Structure S4 Arquitectes Consultors Marc Bàrbara; Guillermo Barenys; Santi Tarrasón
Engineering JSS Amaya Arizmendi
Civil Engineering MARCOVE José Antonio Quesada; Joel Vives
Health consultant HAUS Ricard Santamaría
Sustainability AIGUASOL Alex Ivancic
Facades consultant SOLDUCT Manuel Rodríguez
Photos Duccio Malagamba/José Hevia