Smolny cathedral — complex restoration

Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project

About the project
The Consecration Sunday Cathedral is one of the most perfect works by Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli. It was designed on the order of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, who thought of retiring to the monastery.
The restoration of the facades and the interiors was started in 2015 and took 7.5 years. They repaired the walls, the arches, and the domed ceilings, as well as stucco elements, metal decoration pieces, Revel floors, and the wooden portal. Columns were restored with white marble, and the original lighting system was restored, too. Nicholas I ordered to paint white the frescos that imitated the coffered domes, but during the renovation these paintings were restored and museumified.

St. Petersburg, Russia

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State Preservation of Historical and Cultural Monuments of St. Petersburg (KGIOP)

Authors of the project
Remfasad JSC, Spb Proekt CJSC