Sofeh Mountain Park Entrance

Best Project of Public Space by Student

About the project
Endogeneity is the most appropriate solution for today's architectural art in Isfahan city. The semantic concept of the collection The city of Isfahan, with its ancient history and numerous ancient monuments, is one of the world's most famous historical cities. Isfahan's historical monuments are a collection of the best surviving examples of various styles of Iranian architecture over thousands of years and more, and the quality of these works is such that it can be said that most of the great works and masterpieces of Iranian architectural art after Islam are located in Isfahan. Dealing with the art of architecture in such a context is very complicated and ambiguous, because its rich and historical context requires the utmost attention and careful reading of it.

Sofeh Mountain park, Esfahan, Iran

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Shahram Shir, Master of Architecture, University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts. As an Architect, Shahram Shirmohammadi`s drawings are based on his feelings and imaginations, and in this field, he seeks to create something unique (brand) based on his various experimental background.

Status of the project
Conceptual design