Sonrisa Gallery Clinic

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
Sonrisa Gallery Clinic with an area of 125 square meters is located on the second floor of a medical complex in Chitgar district of Tehran. During the initial visits of the project, the design team faced a rectangular plan, along with fractures on the north side, with a height restriction in the interior space due to the placement of structural and mechanical devices on the ceiling. Also, the client requested that the project should not be reminiscent of conventional medical spaces and provide a different spatial experience to its users and visitors. Therefore, we decided to explore how we can achieve a new atmosphere for the project by combining the material and color palette of a space with another usage in order to transform the audience's experience of a medical space.
Sonrisa Gallery Clinic strives to stand in the middle border of experience of combining a clinic and a gallery and invite the user to interact with itself by displaying an abstract artwork in the space.

Chitgar, Tehran, Iran

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
OJAN Design Studio, young studio in Tehran since 2018: «Our range of activities includes architecture, interior design, product & graphic design. Ojan Salimi is the founder of OJAN Design studio, and today this organization is composed of a number of motivated and creative specialized designers who strive to use technology and innovation in construction methods to make their projects a pretext for understanding new experiences of space or products, both for themselves and their audience.»
Lead Architects: Ojan Salimi, Ramin Rahmani.
Design Team: Mahsa Naghavi, Reza Esfandiari, Sanaz Bazrafshan, Ali Merati.

Other participants
Photographer: M. H. Hamzehlouei

Status of the project